Epoxy flooring by Indianapolis's Best Epoxy Floor Company is great for prime locales such as warehouses, airport hangars, television studios, garages and other commercial and industrial facilities. This flooring is tough and protects your floor from the wear of heavy traffic while providing an attractive finish. Our flooring system can be installed on almost any hard surface and so could be used where durability, protection against exposure and attractiveness are most needed.

Strong and Long-Lasting Flooring

Our epoxy flooring provides strong protection against harsh chemicals such as acids, oil, and grease. It can also withstand scraping and scruff due to constant foot traffic. It will keep its leveled surface and is not prone to thinning, swelling or depression in areas where traffic impacts the floor most of the time. Epoxy floors are also highly resistant to extremely high or low temperatures. The change in temperature does not affect the thickness and gloss of the floor. With proper maintenance measures, the epoxy floor coatings are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean Flooring

Not only is our epoxy flooring durable, it is also safe because of its non-slip property. Other seamless and glossy finishes are usually slippery and thus can cause not only accidents but also damage to the floor.

Epoxy floors are also waterproof. That is why they are advised to be used in kitchens, restaurants, and bakeries where it is common for the floors to be damp or continuously soaked in water. The moisture slips over the surface and does not penetrate the coating and thus protects your floor from water surface erosions.

Because of its non-porous and seamless characteristics, the epoxy flooring also protects against pests that could burrow their way into the porous material and settle there. It makes the installation sanitary. And because the coatings are level, there are no craters or crevices where pests can hide.

The flat, non-porous, waterproof surface makes epoxy floors easy to clean and maintain. Frequent washings even with hot water and detergents will not affect its durability and protective properties.

Epoxy Flooring for a Stunning Finish

Despite being heavy duty and its high functionality, the epoxy flooring from Indianapolis's Best Epoxy Floor Company is not dull nor lacking in visual appeal. They are available in a variety of attractive colors and textures that will complement the overall design of the whole facility. The color palette may be matched with the walls and ceilings. And because the coatings can withstand chemicals and high temperatures, the colors will not fade, keeping your floor attractive and stunning for many years to come.

The Concrete Sealer

The Concrete Sealer has been servicing Indianapolis for more than twenty years now. Aside from epoxy flooring, the company provides products and services for any hard surface for the home or commercial use. Their services include concrete sealing, cleaning and resurfacing. Floors and concrete are turned into stylish attractive finishes that not only add value but will do so for a long time.

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